Frederick Franck

'The good drawings I do are hardly mine.  Only the bad ones are mine for they are the ones where I can't let go, am caught in the Me-cramp ...

That which draws in SEEING/DRAWING is that which I really am, but which I cannot possibly define and label.  It simply defines itself by the way it draws.  SEEING/DRAWING therefore is an impossible effort as long as the ego tries to force it.  Once the ego lets go, it becomes effortless.

Emerson deflates the pseudo-originality the ego strains for: "What you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say."  A Zen sage has said: "You are putting a head on top of the one you already have ..."

In the bad drawings the parts remain parts.  But good or bad, once a drawing is finished it should be forgotten.  After all, it is only a fossil of experience - a fossil, however, that at any time can be resurrected by any eye that is sufficiently awake to follow the lines as process, to sense that a DRAWING IS NOT A THING BUT AN ACT.'

- Frederick Franck's the Zen of Seeing  SEEING/DRAWING as meditation

Frederick Franck, from Moments of Seeing

Frederick Franck, from Moments of Seeing